SOMBA Online Business Launch (MKTG144.02)

Welcome to the online business launch portal of JGSOM student-entrepreneurs from MKTG144.02 Section O. This activity serves as a jump-off point for these startup projects as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey. MKTG144.02 Section O is mentored by Mr. Bienvenido Garcia.

Student Projects

Still Dry Swimwear

Still Dry Swimwear is a water-repellent swimwear with a chemically engineered coating that will ensure water repellency, low drag, less microbial growth, and self-cleaning properties. With our swimwear featuring nine different ways to style, we aim to accommodate your swimming needs through body inclusivity for all shapes and sizes. Still Dry Swimwear aims to champion the real you — the you that's worthy of celebration.

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Hirayàs has redefined the costume jewelry industry by creating a sustainable costume jewelry line. Our jewelry is made from a combination of agar and clay that are specially formulated to create natural handmade plastic. Once buried in soil, the bio-based plastic component of the jewelry will begin to biodegrade.

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OrganiMeow cat litter is a 100% natural soya clumping cat litter. It uses activated charcoal and enzymes to provide excellent deodorizing and absorption properties. It is also eco-friendly as it is made from waste materials like soybean residue; nurture their nature, nourish the planet!

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