Prototype Days (MKT145 N)

‘Prototype Days’ is the culminating event of the semester where the Management student groups shall present their prototypes or their minimum viable products (MVP). A minimum viable product (MVP) is the latest version of a product and/or service with sufficient features that allow initial users to evaluate the functions and features of the MVP and provide feedback for succeeding product improvement and development. This batch comprises of MGT students completing their MKT145 (N) course under the guidance of Mr. Bienvenido Garcia

Student Projects


The AtEazz Tidy Peel Bamboo paddle hairbrush is an easy-to-clean hairbrush that makes you feel at ease. With a detachable TPE Tidy Peel pad, the hairbrush frees women from the frustration of cleaning their hairbrushes as they can now remove tangled-up hair in seconds. The hairbrush's anti-static bamboo material and bristles allow women to be at ease with frizz and enjoy a gentle message.

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Kindle & Earth

An eco-friendly twist on the scented candle, Kindle and Earth provides not only aromatic and unique scents but also a way for consumers to help reduce waste without even trying. Combining recycled glass aggregate with colored concrete, the group creates an aesthetically pleasing and high-quality candle vessel that consumers can reuse. Kindle and Earth's scented candles also use 100% pure soy wax with fragrance oils to provide consumers with the best experience possible.

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The ManilaDog collar and leash are made to withstand daily activities with your pet. It is strengthened by locally-sourced abac fiber that is stitched into the inner core of the product. This is then wrapped within a soft layer of cotton twill to ensure the utmost comfort for you and your pet.

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Studibs is your one-stop platform for finding places to study or work in. We aim to accelerate economic empowerment by boosting the productivity of university students by bridging them to the most optimal learning environments. Using the Studibs mobile application, users can view nearby cafes plus all their information, reserve seats, and order in advance, all at the touch of their fingertips!

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