The BRC's first hackathon: the Ateneo Innovation Jam

July 31, 2023
Andie Cosio

The Ateneo Innovation Jam is an exhilarating two-day hackathon organized annually by Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU). It serves as a platform to foster collaboration and innovation among individuals from diverse backgrounds, igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship. With a focus on leveraging the vibrant Filipino business landscape, this event aims to cultivate and strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset among participants.

Scheduled for July 3-4, 2023, the Ateneo Innovation Jam promises an immersive experience held on-campus over two exciting days. Aspiring entrepreneurs, creative minds, and passionate individuals will gather to tackle real-world challenges and create innovative solutions. Participants will engage in industry-specific info sessions, upskilling workshops, and have the unique opportunity to visit Asialink Finance Corporation, the event's sponsor and hack-provider. The hackathon will culminate in a thrilling demo day, where top participants will vie for prizes, including an express ticket to a conference in Europe.

Leading up to the hackathon, participants will have access to valuable industry insights through informative sessions that delve into the industry relevant to the hack theme. These sessions will equip participants with the knowledge and understanding necessary to develop innovative solutions. Additionally, upskilling workshops will be offered to enhance participants' technical and entrepreneurial skills, empowering them to bring their ideas to life during the hackathon. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants are well-prepared and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.

Asialink Finance Corporation, the esteemed sponsor and hack-provider, will not only offer their support throughout the event but will also provide participants with the opportunity to visit their premises. These exclusive company visits will offer a firsthand glimpse into the innovative practices and industry expertise of Asialink Finance Corporation. Additionally, the company will send hiring personnel to the event's demo day, creating potential employment opportunities for talented participants. It's an exceptional chance to showcase skills and secure future career prospects with the event's sponsor.

The Ateneo Innovation Jam acknowledges the exceptional efforts of participants by offering exciting prizes. The top two finalists will earn an express ticket to a conference in Europe, with one group visiting France and the other Spain. Other finalists will receive prize money, corporate paraphernalia, merchandise, and program vouchers from the BRC Public Programs. The recognition and rewards serve as a testament to the participants' innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, motivating them to push boundaries and realize their potential.

We are opening sign-ups on June 3, at 9:00am!

The Ateneo Innovation Jam serves as a vibrant platform for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurial growth. Through immersive experiences, valuable industry insights, and exceptional opportunities, participants embark on a transformative journey that unlocks their creative potential and propels them towards success.

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