JGSOM Startups Launch Their Projects on

November 16, 2022

Student-entrepreneurs from the John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM) launches their startup projects for their MKTG144.02 course under the supervision of Mr. Bienvenido Garcia. For this event, panelists are invited to assess each project based on their readiness to compete in their respective product spaces.

There are three groups participating for this Online Business Launch: OrganiMeow, StillDry Swimwear, and Hirayas. Take a look:

OrganiMeow: A clumping cat litter made from 100% soya.


OrganiMow is a cat litter product made of 100% natural soya. It uses activated charcoal and enzymes to provide excellent deodorizing and absorption properties. It is also eco-friendly as it is made from waste materials like soybean residue.

Learn more about OrganiMeow at their website.

Still Dry: A water-repellent swimwear with self-cleaning propert

Still Dry Swimwear

Still Dry Swimwear is a water-repellent swimwear with a chemically engineered coating that will ensure water repellency, low drag, less microbial growth, and self-cleaning properties. The brand aims to promote body inclusivity with over 9 different designs for all shapes and sizes.

Check out their collection at their Facebook Page.

Hirayas Jewelry: Costume jewelry for the environmentally conscious Filipina


Hirayás is the first bio-plastic jewelry brand in the Philippines, designing and selling affordable jewelry pieces.The brand brings innovation to the costume jewelry industry by providing a sustainable solution for environmentally conscious Filipinas one bio-based biodegradable plastic jewelry at a time.

Browse their catalogue at their website

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