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This is what innovation is: taking something that's there and bringing it into a higher level that satisfies more people… Simply put, innovation is "12" or "impactful improvement." - Aaron Palileo

Why join JGSoM.BA?

JGSoM.BA aims to provide the framework to make a business start-up increase its chances of success. Through the program, vulnerable start-ups can toughen up to be ready to face the real world. With mentoring and coaching, JGSoM.BA will try to increase the probability of success of a business idea and minimize the risks.

What is JGSoM.BA?

The John Gokongwei School of Management Business Accelerator (JGSoM.BA) is a university-based business incubator that is at the forefront of university-based entrepreneurial education. JGSoM.BA supports student entrepreneurship by helping students set up their own business even while still in school. In this one-year enterprise development program, students undergo the entire business development cycle, from idea generation to commercial production and sale of their products.

More than teaching students how to start and run a business, JGSoM.BA also aims to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in the students so that they may continue their business or pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors after graduating.

Successful graduates of the SoMBA have developed products that are sold at a number of large commercial establishment and supermarket chains.

The students are even encouraged to join entrepreneurship contests in order to further their start-up experience. Joining these contests give their businesses additional funds and more exposure in the public market. The program is also a platform for potential funding from investors and other independent institutions.

Through JGSoM.BA, entrepreneurship can become a career path for fresh grads.


Applicants must be senior students in the Loyola Schools. The entire JGSoM.BA program fits seamlessly into the curriculum of most SOM majors. For non-SOM majors, they can coordinate with their respective program heads so that the necessary adjustments can be made to their individual program of study.

New Tracks

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MKTG140.01 SOMBA: Business Venture 1 (Lecture)
MKTG140.02 SOMBA: Business Venture 2 (Laboratory)

These courses teach students various processes, strategies, tools, and techniques to help them search and discover suitable markets, locate their initial customers, and formulate viable business models and strategies. The students will apply the lessons they learn in class to the startup business they are developing. The students will progress their accepted business proposal to the formulation of a feasible business concept, the justification for its incubation, and the development of a prototype through direct hands-on learning.

MKT 199 F Business Entrepreneurship 2: Launching New Business Ventures
MKT 199 G Special Topics in Marketing: Enterprise Development Lab 2

Groups will focus on market planning, production planning, incorporation, and product registration. These are necessary to prepare the groups to sell in the market. At the end of the semester, the official selling period will begin with an expo on campus.

MKT 199 I Business Entrepreneurship 3: Managing and Growing How Business Ventures
MKT 199 J Special Topics in Marketing: Enterprise Development Lab 3

With the groups already actively selling, they can focus on financial planning in order to scale and to sustain their business. At the end of the semester, an investor’s expo will be held outside of campus to bring in investment to fund the groups’ future endeavors even after graduation

  1. Form a group of up to five members.
  2. Submit up to five proposals per group. Each proposal must be limited to one page and all proposals must be submitted by the same representative per group.
  3. Email them to somba.jgsom@ateneo.edu [Subject: FY21-22 SOMBA Proposal_Name of Group]
  4. After submissions, panel will decide on the proposals that will be accepted for SY 2021-2022.
  5. SOMBA representative will email the group on the details prior to enrollment.


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Current JGSoM.BA Groups