Welcome to the JGSoM.BA Sale Event. This sale event will feature products and services developed by student-entrepreneurs under JGSOM’s Business Accelerator Program (SOMBA).

Company Name: DIRECTIVE

Our agency helps local start-ups, and small to medium enterprises who want to have informative, appealing, and, cutting edge instructional materials by easing the difficulties of having to invest resources and avoid disengaging materials, and provide them with out-of-the-box creative executions unlike traditional techniques that create materials that are not able to get their message across to their target audience.


Contact Information:
+63 919 999 0113

Company Name: Gentle Solutions Inc.

Gentle Solutions Inc. presents Unclouded, a phone cleaning solution made to clean phone screens while providing an oleophobic layer to reduce fingerprints. The oleophobic layer lasts up to 24 hours, and the product is packed in a 50mL spray bottle so it’s easy to apply and bring anywhere.

Gentle Solutions Inc. Catalog

Contact Information:
+63 927 951 0003

Company Name: Cenine Care Co.

Cenine Care Co. aims to be a trusted pioneer in offering innovative skincare solutions globally, operating to maximize profits and growth objectives that will assure the company’s continued venture in the skincare industry.

Nu Blu Skin Brochure

Contact Information:
+63 966 766 7360

Company Name: Clean Catalyst, Inc.

Clean Catalyst Inc. was formed by five students majoring in the field of business, alongside chemistry. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we hope to provide effective and convenient chemical-based innovations that make your lives easier. Soakleen, our debut product, was developed amidst the pandemic to lessen the hassle of dishwashing, particularly with scrubbing stubborn stains.

Soakleen Catalog

Contact Information:
+63 917 815 7014

Company Name: SureSafe Solutions

Safetify ENT aims to provide a food safe and economical product that can effectively disinfect grocery food packagings, as the company believes that budget constraints should not be a reason to prohibit one’s right to access safe and effecting grocery packaging disinfectant.

SureSafe Brochure

Contact Information:
+63 956 942 4695

Company Name: Overloaded

Overloaded is a store that serves burgers with large fillings and offers a wide variety of flavors.

Overloaded PH Brochure

Contact Information:
+63 945 311 8068
Quezon City, Philippines

Company Name: Cirrus

Cirrus is a company that offers apparel that helps customers get from point A to B efficiently, allowing them to focus on what’s important and to enjoy their environment while going about their day. Cirrus offers a jacket that keeps people dry, is packed with different pockets lined with waterproof zippers to secure essentials, and is breathable and versatile in use. Aware that people in Manila (especially during the rainy season) need protection from getting wet, smelling bad, losing time because of unfavorable weather, and unnecessary hangups, the jacket is designed to mitigate these problems in a streamline manner. Cirrus believes a jacket can be sensible, stylish, and functional at the same time without compromising quality. road. Our jackets help commuters who want to travel safely and efficiently by protecting them from the weather with function in a fashionable package unlike other jackets.

Cirrus Brochure

Contact Information:
+63 917 5624832

Company Name: Closed on Sunday

Closed on Sunday is a lifestyle brand that aims to provide pieces that deliver the lasting parallelism of comfort and sublime style. Elevated by high-quality fabrics and excellent craftsmanship, these pieces embody the Closed on Sunday way of life–”basking in little luxuries”.

Closed on Sunday Catalog

Contact Information:
+63 917 453 2419

Company Name: DECKR

DECKR provides college students and working adults with a versatile and convenient experience. By organizing your belongings with ease with our interchangeable and detachable compartments, there is no doubt that you can bring your life in one bag. Bring it. Use it. Live it. Everywhere. Only with DECKR.

DECKR Catalog

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Company Name: Simply Sous Vide

Simply Sous Vide brings gourmet dining right to your doorstep. Sous vide is a style of vacuum sealed slow cooking used in order to bring out the flavors of our products which we offer accompanied with a set of cooking instructions and a specially curated sauce to complement each product.  Everything is pre-cooked to perfection using premium ingredients in order to give you consistent results for your simply prepared meals.

Simply Sous Vide Catalog

Contact Information:
+63 917 821 1676
Makati, Philippines