Welcome to the JGSoM.BA Online Sale Event! We are highlighting the products developed by student-entrepreneurs under JGSOM’s Business Accelerator Program (SoM.BA). 

The three growing businesses featured here are being developed and managed by our senior-year college students taking up BS Management of Applied Chemistry (MAC).

We encourage you to read, browse, and engage by clicking on their links to reach their online websites, social media pages and e-commerce platforms. 

Please support our homegrown student enterprises by buying their unique products, perfect for your personal use and for gift-giving!

Company Name: Seven Kelvin Commercial Inc.

Seven Kelvin Commercial Inc. is an enterprise established by six entrepreneurs hoping to innovate the world through chemical products. With us six, we want you, the customer, to be part of our company – enjoying our creations and making Seven Kelvin complete!

Product Name: Cafamino

Cafamino is a premium take on the morning staple, 3-in-1 coffee! We have taken the health benefits of protein, combined it with locally harvested Arabica beans, and transformed it with the top-end method of freeze-drying. All these elements come together as a superb coffee experience that is sure to keep you energized for the rest of your day.

Company Name: Speckless Solutions Inc.

Speckless Solutions Inc. is a home goods manufacturing and retailing company, founded by six BS Management of Applied Chemistry students, that envisions becoming a household staple that provides the best laundry experience for consumers. Its flagship brand, Fresh Fabrix, aims to solve laundry issues and concerns that available laundry care supplies have not been able to address.To find out more about Speckless Solutions Inc. and Fresh Fabrix, you may visit our official website, buying platforms, and social media pages!

Product Name: Fresh Fabrix

With its fast-acting anti-bacterial formulation, Fresh Fabrix removes amoy-kulob from your clothes in just five minutes and keeps your clothes smelling fresh with its long lasting effect. Spray your worries away with Fresh Fabrix!

Company Name: Elavo Elements Enterprises, Inc.

Elavo Elements is an enterprise founded by six university students pursuing a degree in management with a background in chemistry. In strong hopes of bringing brilliant innovative ideas to life, ZeoBreeze was formed. This product is the brainchild of the founding members meant to efficiently eliminate foul odor while simultaneously allowing fresh fragrances to fill car spaces and give an overall pleasant user experience using all-natural ingredients.

Product Name: ZeoBreeze

ZeoBreeze is an all-natural car deodorizer and freshener that will leave your car breezy all day!

It contains zeolite, a natural component meant to absorb foul odor with studies showing that it has the potential to rid the air of toxins and carcinogens that may be produced from inside the car’s cabin.

How to use:

Hang the product on the headrest of your vehicle and let it do its magic.


All-natural ingredients

Does not induce allergies or headaches (unlike other car fresheners)

Easy to use

What you’ll receive:

Each ZeoBreeze product has 35g worth of Zeolite and fragrance to give you the breeziest ride of your life.