This October 2019, the Ateneo Business Resource Center offers a series of seminars for small and medium enterprises.

Day 1: Social Media Marketing 101 / Formulating Social Media Stretegies

This class will give participants a broad view of the Social Media landscape in the Philippines. The session will also teach them to formulate social media strategies including budgeting time and money for social media campaigns as well as how to properly look for the influencers that will engage their audience.

Day 2 – Storytelling using Social Media Platforms

This class will teach participants how to tell their personal or brand stories using the various content formats and acquire a connection with their audiences on social media. It will empower them to assess which social media platforms is best suited to tell their stories.

Day 3 – Art of Social Listening

The Art of Social Listening will teach participants how to get a grasp of the online sentiments of their audience regarding their campaigns as well as their competitors. The session will also help them analyze that information into their next course of action.

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