The Ateneo Business Resource Center provides training services to small, medium, and large enterprises primarily through its education arm, the Entrepreneurship Academy. Through a series of customized modules from this, these enterprises undergo training to enhance their skills and knowledge in management and entrepreneurship.

I. Leading a Marketing Team: How to Get the Best of Your Marketing

Inasmuch as leading a team is difficult, leading a creative marketing team can also be challenging, since this deals with coaching and guiding people with different learning styles and working preferences. In order to get the best out of your marketing team, this seminar-workshop series will cover the following topics that are essential in leading marketing teams:

  • Strategy Formulation and Managing Marketing Budgets
  • Behind the Foundations of Branding: Graphics Designing, Voice and Tone of Brands
  • Customer Acquisition and Appropriate Channels for your type of business

II. Business Finance 101

In business, finance is the art and science of managing your company’s money. It helps ensure that there are enough funds to run the business and that you are spending and investing it wisely. In order to master this “art and science,” this seminar-workshop series deals with the following topics in the world of business finance, that can help you run your cash flow smoothly:

  • Sound Financial Management and the basics of Financial Statements
  • Managing your Balance Sheet
  • Bookkeeping and Internal Audit: How to NOT get scammed and skimmed

III. Building a High-Performance Team

With globalization and digitization come the challenges in terms of managing more culturally diverse workplaces. As the pace of change accelerates, the greater the need for effective leadership. Many leaders need to get the highest levels of performance from their people. In order to do this, this seminar-workshop series will cover the following topics:

  • Mastering the Art of Hiring and Recruitment through Job Design & Development
  • Highlighting Performance Management through KPIs
  • Culture-Building: Making your VMV Real

IV. Visioning and Strategy Formulation

Regardless of organizational size, having a company vision and mission is essential in providing stakeholders with a clear purpose. A company’s vision and mission are integral in the formulation of strategy, since they serve as bases to define and align the management’s future goals and tactics. In this seminar-workshop series, participants will appreciate how visioning and strategic formulation, firmly anchored in the organisation’s core values, are relevant. The following topics will be discussed:

  • The Balanced Scorecard: Introductory Workshop
  • Use of the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategy Map for your enterprise
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances: Alignment of Vision and Synergy of Strengths

V. Operations Planning

Planning helps a business in identifying its goals, thereby allowing everyone to be on the same page, working harmoniously towards a shared purpose. In operations, planning is also an essential element, which is aligned with the goals and objectives of a company’s strategic plan, particularly, in terms of tasks and responsibilities towards effective and efficient implementation. In this seminar-workshop series, participants will focus on the operational aspect of planning, focusing on the following topics:

  • Production Planning, Costing, Management and Compliance
  • Supplier Management and Vertical Integration
  • Decision-Making Tools in Operations Management (e.g. EOQ)

VI. Human Resources Management

Human Resources professionals in today’s modern age must understand that their management roles have expanded to include areas such as organization development, strategic utilization of employees, and talent development. In this seminar-workshop series, these new roles of HR Professionals will be highlighted, in order to help them understand how they  can effectively and efficiently drive today’s workforce.

  • Management Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development and Change Management

VII. Image Management Essentials for Businesses

A company’s image or reputation affects the manner in which a company is perceived. In a competitive world, businesses need to create and communicate a positive image to their stakeholders, starting with their clients. This seminar-workshop focuses on areas that a company can highlight and improve, so as to maintain a positive reputation.

  • Non-Traditional Business Media (e.g. website, social media)
  • Professional Salesmanship
  • Customer Service

VIII. Legal and Compliance

Documentation and compliance are some of the most challenging activities of a business. Non-compliance with rules and regulations, most especially with government agencies may lead to excessive and unnecessary costs. This seminar-workshop series highlights two of the most common challenging compliance activities:

  • Legal Structures and Compliance Requirements
  • Intellectual Property Registration and Compliance
  • Supplier Documentation and Legal Agreements

IX. Data and Digital Transformation

Now that we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, data and technology are seen as a competitive advantage and an integral part of strategy formulation. They are essential elements in transforming today’s modern company. Through this seminar-workshop, participants will appreciate different digital technologies, how they work, the opportunities they bring, the associated risks involved and how to address such risks. Emerging trends such as big data and analytics will also be highlighted.

X. Project Management Fundamentals

We all do projects. By definition, their outputs are unique, often times creative, and with the goal of providing value. These range from school projects,  one’s first job project, volunteer work,  to huge strategic acquisitions and joint-ventures, public-private partnerships, and mega projects consuming resources the size of small nations’ GDPs. 

Projects’ outputs range from research work, to new organizations, to big ones where the nation can take pride-on such as buildings and monuments, the SEA Games (which constitute numerous related projects), to international cooperative efforts to end Polio. People have been doing projects since civilization began. Outputs, such as the 4,000 year old Egyptian Pyramids, China’s Great Wall, to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (the biggest scientific project in history), to the International Space Station.

Yet almost 1/3 of all projects today, across multiple fields and industries, fail. More than half miss 1 or more objectives. All of us need project management training, whether to implement operational team improvements. A lot of people are still ‘accidental project managers’ learning the skills and techniques, on the job, often with frustrating, costly results. 

We all need project management training basics. Our fundamentals course will help participants to:

  • Get a good grasp of the basic concepts, tools, techniques, and approaches to project management applicable to any project.
  • Understand how these can be applied practically, tailored to ones’ specific needs, organization, industry, guided by certified, experienced practitioners.
  • Have hands-on simulations to immediately apply, to help with retention. 

This course is available in 2 delivery modes: 

  • Project Management Fundamentals (Facilitator-led)
  • Project Management Fundamentals (Blended)