From 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm

Php 3,000 for the 3-day seminar

UPDATE: The seminar has been moved to another date. We will announce the new schedule once it has been finalized

Save the date! The Ateneo Business Resource Center is back with its Annual Legacy Workshop: Social Media Marketing 101 (Year 5!)

In this 3-day webinar series, digital marketing expert Mr. Jason Domantay will share with you strategies on harnessing the full potential of social media to succeed in your business or personal brand.

Day 1: Social Media Marketing 101 / Formulating Social Media Strategies
This class will give participants a basic knowledge about Social media Marketing and its power over the current audiences. It will give them a broad view of the current Social Media landscape in the Philippines. The session will also teach them to formulate social media strategies to help them launch a social media campaign as well as how to properly look for the influencers that will help their brands connect more with their audience.
Day 2 - Storytelling using Social Media Platforms
One of the most important tasks in Social Media Marketing is storytelling. For this class, participants will learn how to tell their personal or brand stories using the various content formats and acquire a connection with their audiences on social media. They will learn how to write for a blog or an online publication and grasp the concept of video production so they can produce video content for their social media platforms. We will also discuss the popularity of short video platforms like TikTok and asses whether there are possible marketing opportunities there.
Day 3 - Art of Social Listening and Social Media Management
The Art of Social Listening will teach participants how to get a grasp of the audience sentiments about their brands and their social media campaigns. The session will also help them analyze that information so they can plan their next course of action. The participants will also be taught Social Media Management where the instructor will discuss the right frequency of posting, how to deal trolls and what to do when a crisis online erupts.

This session will also feature a case study of an advocacy in social media. Lastly, the instructor will now share the upcoming trends in Social Media.

Dates: TBA
Time: 3pm-5pm (via Zoom)
Price: Php 3,000.00

Go ahead and reserve your slot now at: https://bit.ly/AteneoBRC

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