Ateneo de Manila University

Startup Entrepreneurship Workshop

From 8:00 am until 5:00pm

Ateneo de Manila University

Program Description

Do you want to start your own business? Have you always dreamed about being an Entrepreneur? Have your limited business experience or limited capital held you back from your dreams? Then this program is for you.

Do you know how to ride a bike? Learning entrepreneurship is like riding a bike. You can not learn to ride a bike from books or classes alone. You can only learn to ride a bike by actually doing it. Hence, entrepreneurship can only be learned by actually engaging in entrepreneurship. When you first started to ride a bike, did you fall? You probably fell multiple times before you were able to bike properly. It is a good thing there were training wheels, helmets and kneepads to protect you while learning.

In the Startup Entrepreneurship Workshop, you will learn tools and techniques to save as your "training wheels" as you learn. Unlike other programs that assume large capital and business acumen, this program is geared for aspiring entrepreneurs with zero to little capital and business experience. The program includes business simulation games, video case studies, and business assignments specifically designed to guide you to be profitable in your first three weeks of your business venture. 


Join us and let's start to make your dreams come true.



  • Learning how to start and run business ventures with zero to little capital
  • Understand and apply fundamental business concepts in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, finance and operations

 Methods of Learning

  • Business Simulation Games
  • Group Presentations
  • Business Assignments
  • Lecture / Discussions
  • Video Case Studies
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