At Loyola Schools, Ateneo De Manila University

Php 12,000 for the whole course


Ateneo Business Resource Center's Rapid Entrepreneurship Workshop is SUSPENDED to a later date as a precautionary measure and in accordance with Ateneo's institution-wide memo for safety in light of the COVID-19 situation.

All those who have already enrolled and paid for the workshop may get a full refund or wait until we get to confirm a date for the workshop.


This 2-day interactive workshop will allow you to learn and apply various techniques essential to entrepreneurial success. Unlike other Entrepreneurship programs that assume large starting capital and significant business acumen, this program is geared for aspiring entrepreneurs with little to zero capital and/or business experience. It will feature simulation games, video case studies and business assignments specifically designed to guide you to be profitable in your first month of business. The program will consist of three modules: Generating Business Opportunities, Generating Sales and Generating Profits. In Generating Business Opportunities, you will learn the 10 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs, SMARTER Goal Setting and the 7 Sources of Business Ideation. The Generating Sales module tackles the 5 Business Models that Require Zero Cash, the 6 parts of the Entrepreneurial Selling Process and the Seven Selling Skills. The last module Generating Profits will cover Cashflow Management, the 3 Fundamental Financial Statement and business registration in the Philippines.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  1. Earn money from the successful completion of the course business assignments
  2. Experience starting and running their own business with little to zero capital
  3. Understand and apply fundamental business concepts in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, finance and operations

Learning Activities:

  • Business Assignments
  • Lecture/Discussions
  • Video Case Studies
  • Simulation Games
  • Group Presentations


Click the link to get to know our speakers: http://www.ateneobrc.com/resource-persons/

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