At Loyola Schools, Ateneo De Manila University

Php 13,990 for the whole course


FACILITATOR-LED:  8 AM to 5 PM on February 13 & 14, 2020
BLENDED LEARNING: 1 PM to 5 PM on February 1 & 15, 2020 (with 25 hours worth of videos)
We all do projects. The outputs are unique, often creative, and aim to provide value. These range from school projects and volunteer work to huge strategic acquisitions and joint-ventures, public-private partnerships, and mega projects consuming resources the size of small nations’ GDPs.

Yet almost 1/3 of all projects today, across multiple fields and industries, fail. More than half miss 1 or more objectives. A lot of people are still ‘accidental project managers’ learning the skills and techniques on the job, often with frustrating, costly results. All of us need project management training.

In partnership with UBQTY, we offer Project Management Fundamentals: a course that will help participants to --

  • Get a good grasp of the basic concepts, tools, techniques, and approaches to project management applicable to any project.
  • Understand how these can be applied practically, tailored to ones’ specific needs, organization, industry, guided by certified, experienced practitioners.
  • Have hands-on simulations to immediately apply, to help with retention.

It is available in 2 delivery modes:

  • Facilitator-led (2 classroom days)
  • Blended (8 hours of facilitator-led & 25 hours of videos from the world’s leading’s self-study tool, the PM PrepCast™ -- offers more flexibility and knowledge retention by letting students learn at their own pace

This course is accredited by the Career Executive Service Board of the Philippines.

Our blended course partner is a Project Management Institute Registered Education provider.


Click the link to get to know our speakers: http://www.ateneobrc.com/resource-persons/

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