From 9 AM until 5 PM

At Loyola Schools, Ateneo De Manila University

Php 5,000 per day


This 3-day seminar and hands-on workshop will guide participants on how to effectively formulate and execute marketing campaigns using digital tools and platforms. It will provide the methods of crafting a competent digital experience for specific target markets using tools ranging from tested traditional ones like emails and display ads to state-of-the art practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and optimal User Interface and user Experience design.

The principal speaker, Jason Domantay, will draw from his extensive corporate experience as veteran and award-winning media producer and practitioner to illustrate best practices in the business. He has invited equally experienced colleagues in the field to share insights and foresights on relevant topics.

Each session will have individual and team exercises for instant application of principles.

Day 1 – Essential Digital Marketing

Laying the groundwork for a Digital marketing campaign is as important as utilizing the latest technologies available. This class will discuss basic elements such as having a good landing page or website, effective performance marketing on Facebook and how to do Google ads.

Day 2 - ABC’s of SEO and PPC

This session will teach participants how to drive traffic to their websites or social media pages to help reach their marketing goals. It will also help them compute their customer acquisition cost and discuss ways to enhance pay-per-click results online.

Day 3 - Best UI/UX Design

This session focuses on teaching the participants how to deliver the best user experience and user interface for their audiences. They will also learn how to test their UX designs through A/B testing.


Click the link to get to know our speakers: http://www.ateneobrc.com/resource-persons/

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