Program Description 

This 3-Day immersive, hands-on workshop will teach you how to leverage social media to succeed at your job, grow your business and improve your personal brand. The Program will be offered in 3 modules: Creating Content for Digital, Formulating Social Media Strategies and the Art of Social Listening.


Creating Content for Digital will help you understand how the stories you craft need to be tailored to each social media platform. You will also learn how to write, take photos, create music, memes, GIFs and also how to produce an online video. 


Formulating Social Media Strategies will include budgeting social media campaigns, learning how to use SEO, #hashtags, and influencers. You will also find out which social media platforms and tools will work best for your goal.


The Art of Social Listening will show. you how to turn problems into opportunities. You will experience how to deal with trolls , take advantage of upcoming trends, fight for a cause, and focus on social media metrics that really matter to prepare you to succeed in making your online presence count.



  • Create meaningful content tailor-fit for different social media platforms
  • Utilize Social Media to tell a story, market products or spread awareness
  • Make an effective social media campaign and create an audience for it
  • Formulate and implement a social media strategy
  • Budget for social media campaigns
  • Turn problems into opportunities by effectively dealing with trolls
  • Learn the importance of social media listening
  • Fight for a cause in the digital space
  • Focus on social media metrics that matter to continuously improve online presence

Methods of Learning

  • Interactive Lectures
  • Case Studies and & Analysis
  • Video Presentations
  • Forum
  • Workshop Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Group Presentations





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